Bella Tan offers the industry’s best in Sunless Air Brush tanning. Norvell Sunless solutions offer a beautiful instant bronze with a smooth transition to a natural DHA tan. Results are natural across a broad spectrum of skin shades and tones. Skin firming formulas build and restore the skin’s matrix, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Highly concentrated antioxidant blends combat the daily signs of skin damage. The fast drying solutions are non-sticky and streak free, guaranteeing lasting results with no “orange” color development.

Premium Solution is a sunless tanning solution that creates an express, quick drying, naturally customized shade of color every time!

One Hour Solution: finally, achieve a beautiful golden color in as little as 1-HOUR! Spray yourself after work and hit the town tonight!


Flex $59.95
Commitment $39.95


visits / premium / one hour
1 visit / $30 / $40
3 visits / $75 / $100

Sunless FAQ

  • How do i prepare for my sunless session?
    Arrive showered, shaven, free of make-up, perfume, oil, body sprays, deodorant and moisturizer for optimal results. Bring loose, dark fitting clothing for after your session. Your Sunless session will last less than ten minutes plus dry time for the application and a total of 15 to 25 minutes with prep and post preparation.
  • Should I moisturize before I do a Sunless session?
    You should use a moisturizer regularly to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, which will contribute to a more even, natural looking sunless tan. However, it is recommended NOT to apply moisturizers 2 hours prior to self tanning and 4 to 6 hours after.
  • Why is keeping skin moisturized essential to maintain great Sunless results?
    It is important to keep skin moisturized after your Sunless session as dry, flaky skin will slough off faster and color will fade sooner. Sunless tan-extending products with a light self-tanning bronzer helps hydrate skin and maintain even, natural looking color longer by providing subtle bronzers.
  • How long should I wait after my Sunless session before I shower?
    It is best to wait at least 6 hours after the sunless tan application before you shower to give the DHA time to fully react with skin proteins.
    If you have chosen the Norvell ONE, you will shower 1-3 hours after your session, depending on your desired darkness.
  • Can I work out after a Sunless session?
    It is best to wait about 6 hours after your Sunless session before partaking in any strenuous activities that may cause perspiration. This will give the DHA time to fully react with skin proteins as well as prevent streaking that could result from excessive perspiration.
  • How many days will a Sunless tan last?
    The longevity of a Sunless tan depends on the skin's natural exfoliation process, and on the skin regimen followed before and after application. On average, a sunless tan will last 4-7 days. The "life span" of a Sunless tan also depends on your skin's natural exfoliation. The faster your skin regenerates, the faster the sunless tan will fade. The tan created by the DHA and Erythrulose affects only the top layer of the skin and will begin to fade after 4 to 5 days as the skin naturally begins to exfoliate.
  • How frequently do you recommend going in for a Sunless session? Can I do it several days in a row?
    To keep your tan looking its best, and your skin at its healthiest, we recommend spraying no more than 3 times in a two week period. This will give the tan time to fade out evenly, and avoid excessive build up of color in some areas. Be sure to gently and lightly polish the skin in between tans, as over-scrubbing can strip the skin of its ability to sunless tan effectively.
  • Can I do a Sunless session in addition to a tanning bed?
    Yes! Since Sunless tanning is UV-Free, you are welcome to tan either before or after completing a Norvell Air Brush Sunless Session.
  • Will the solution from the Sunless come off on my clothes?
    Some of the bronze "cosmetic tint" color may rub off on clothing or bed sheets. This is most likely to happen when you get dressed immediately after tanning. To minimize the chance of the tint transferring to clothing, we recommend that you wear loose-fitting, darker clothes after your Sunless session. The Cosmetic tint is water-soluble. Therefore, in most cases, the color will come out of clothing in the wash.
  • Why do I need to wear sunscreen even if I have a sunless tan?
    Although you may feel and look like you a real tan, a sunless tan is only the temporary appearance of a tan and therefore provides your skin with no real sunburn protection. It is absolutely necessary you wear a sunscreen when outdoors to protect your skin from burning.